Friends cafe opens in Sydney – is Seinfeld’s flat next?

. October 5, 2015 . 0 Comments

central-perk2With the cafe from Friends – Central Perk – having spent a couple of weeks on College St, Sydney, to celebrate the fact that TV streaming service Stan has acquired all episodes of the iconic sitcom, dare we ask if the Seinfeld apartment is on its way.

The two-week relocation of the cafe where Phoebe sang about “Smelly Cat”, and the most famous couch on TV that witnessed hilarious make-ups and break-ups, is in town because Stan is celebrating having lined up all 236 episodes of the series.

Guests will be able to get a photo on that sofa and even pick up a free cup of coffee but you may have to wait in line. When the pop-up replica popped up in New York last year, 50,000 people turned up to be “there for you”.

Actor Larry Thomas (the Soup Nazi) in Jerry’s apartment from “Seinfeld”, recreated in New York in June this year.

Now, we have to ask, is the Seinfeld flat also on its way to Australia?  Earlier this year US streaming service Hulu recreated the Seinfeld home and Tom’s cafe  in New York to promote its acquisition of the series there.  So far as we know, no one has acquired the streaming right for Seinfeld here in Oz (although Foxtel and 7Mate show individual episodes).

So maybe Central Perk is the first sign of things to come when the announcement is made.

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