Making a squelch in Sabeto Mudpool, Fiji

It’s almost impossible to read anything about Fiji without stumbling across words like ‘pristine’ and ‘pure’, but this paradisiacal island nation has a dirty secret: Sabeto Hot Springs. Home to three geothermal sulphur pools and one slurpy mud pit, this natural outdoor spa on Fiji’s ‘big island’ (Viti Levu) offers grubby giggles by the bucketload: wrestle in it, splash it on your travel buddies or indulge in some good old-fashioned mud-wrestling. Don’t fret, mum and dad: the mud is said to be therapeutic, and besides, it all washes off in the springs!

Parental pointer: Tons of tours depart from Nadi each day, or catch a taxi (about FJ$50 return) and go it alone. Don’t forget spare clothes!

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