Digging for dinosaurs in Colorado, USA

One of only eight US states to have an official dinosaur (in this case, the Stegosaurus), Colorado is the perfect place for budding palaeontologists. The Museum of Western Colorado operates frequent kid-friendly dino digs, fossil scouting hikes and palaeo lab experiences throughout the summer, all run by professional dinomaniacs. There’ll be dirt for days; fortunate fossil hunters may uncover bones from Jurassic giants such as Apatosaurus and Allosauruseven or even unearth remnants of one the smallest dinosaurs in the world – the tiny (just 65cm) Fruitadens.

Parental pointer: Bending over a prehistoric bonebed all day is sweaty work. But digs like these are a great gateway to science, not to mention a wonderful way to develop patience and enhance concentration.

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