Let’s not kid ourselves – we all know the biggest issue for a lot of apartment dwellers is the lack of storage space.  That means that everything inside your home really has to earn its keep.  Isobel Williams picks the 10 gadgets she must have around her to make her apartment into a little palace.

1. Coffee Machinecoffee

Some say that love makes the world go round; others may claim that it is money. But let’s face it; we all know it is coffee.

It is that wonderful liquid that breathes life into your world, no matter what time your day starts. The best way to start the day is sitting in your pyjamas with fluffy slippers cuddling your toes, and a steaming mug of coffee in your hands. And people often give you funny looks when you attempt this in your local cafe.

Not to mention that buying even one cup of coffee every day soon becomes pricey, even more so if you are like me and are nearing double figures come lunch time. So avoid the judging looks and low bank balance whilst enjoying your morning coffee fix in the comfort of your own home.

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