7. Dishwasher

I am a very lazy person. In an ideal world, I would leave my bed only for food before crawling back into it. Unfortunately things like working and study tend to get in the way of this perfect plan but I still find that I tend to ignore small jobs with the mindset of ‘I’ll do it later’.

However when ‘later’ comes for those dirty dishes it may be too late to stop those creepy-crawlies from finding them first. The last thing you need in your apartment is a pesty problem, but it is all too easy to forget that at the time of leaving those dishes. The solution? Get a dishwasher.

‘But they take up so much room!’ I hear you wail.  And yes, that’s an issue in an apartment – especially if there’s just enough room for you and your cat. That’s why they invente half-size machines. It’s a brilliant idea to help you keep your much loved lazy ways.

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