10 Questions to ask your TV salesperson.
  1. Does it have HDMI 2.0 ports? Very important, much more info is transferring at UHD and to cope with a 60 frame per second frame rate, you’ll need the faster ports.
  2. How many ports does it have? You want four or more for sound bar, games console, 4KBlu-ray player, Apple TV etc. You don’t want to be spending your time round the back swapping out cables.
  3. Do I need to update my Xbox or Playstation? Some would say not yet, but if you’re a gamer, you’ll want to know and it’ll test the geek out.
  4. What’s the refresh rate? Anything less than 120 Hz is going to negatively affect sport and fast action vision.
  5. What services are on its smart menu? You should check that the services are what you want, most TVs link to Netflix but if you have any specific preferences, make sure it’s on that menu.
  6. Which has the best sound? If you’re spending your dough on the best picture you can afford, don’t compromise on sound. Or trade off a little on the picture so you can afford a sound bar. Seriously. You have to have a sound bar. What is this, 2010?
  7. An alternative to question 6. Is it compatible with my existing sound bar/surround sound system? You may find it isn’t and that’s going to be upsetting.
  8. Have you got one that’s curved? I’m being silly. If you do ask this, laugh at the same time to acknowledge that you know short -lived flim-flammery when you see it, and you have no intention of buying one, however discounted the price may be.
  9. What’s the warranty? This isn’t as important as you may think, and certainly there’s no need to take out an extended one. Your credit card will cover you for screens that are defective on purchase and most manufacturers will replace during warranty with no quibbles.
  10. What’s the minimum brightness? You want a display that makes blacks dark and white whiter!
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