Picture courtesy of NSW Community Justice Centre
Picture courtesy of NSW Community Justice Centre

Complaints: No matter how big or small your issues with your neighbours are, whether it’s the party boys or the parking idiot, or the backyard bonfire that has just covered your washing with soot, or the dog that craps on your lawn or barks all night, or their rattling windows and tiles, sooner or later you have to confront your neighbour and they are going to say “is it really that much of a problem?”
This will quickly be followed by “it’s my house and I can do what I like” then “if you don’t like it here, that road will take you somewhere nicer.”
Apartment blocks have rules, most of them are sensible because they are there to deal with the morons who shouldn’t ever be allowed to live anywhere but in a house. And your neighbours need ever know it was you who complained.


Jimmy Thomson writes the Flat Chat column for Domain, runs the related advice website at flat-chat.com.au and edits Title online magazine for apartment resident.

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