City living: Cycling surges


Think ‘Denmark’ and many of us are transported to those dark, chilly dramas like The Killing, The Bridge and Borgen but anyone who’s actually  been there will have been struck by the number of bicycles ordinary people use all the time.

Hey, it’s flat so why wouldn’t you use pedal power to cruise to work?

We’re not talking about Tour De Farce road worriers, all lumpy Lycra and helmet cams, but people sedately going about their business on “sit-up-and-beg” bikes with … gasp … baskets on the front.

You are seeing more of them in our cities – despite the best efforts of petrol-head to literally drive them off the road.  But what do you think the reaction would be if our traffic lights were phased to favour cyclists.

The Danish capital Copenhagen has done exactly that, pioneering a system on most major roads leading into the city centre, where cyclists can keep moving all the way in (and out at night) without having to stop.

Near busier junctions, LED lights embedded in the road guide cyclists’ speeds so they catch the green light ahead of them, while footrests and rails have been installed at some crossroads so those who miss the light can wait for it to change without so much as a lean to the side.

Could it happen here? We’d probably all be travelling by snowmobile because Hell would almost certainly have frozen over.  You can read the full story HERE.

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