Art on your Apple (and PC)


The move from shop-front to web store is a universal sales shift that won’t seem to let up, writes Lucinda Starr. Artists are the latest to hop on the bandwagon, abandoning lofts, studios and galleries for virtual show rooms.

Paper Cartel, the Aussie-born brainchild of interiors designer Cris Bucknall, is an online gallery showcasing and selling minor masterpieces to the masses. From $98, you can snap up a limited edition creation from one of the galleries’ handpicked local artists.

Emphasis is placed on quality and small batch sizes, all at under $250. Demystifying the art-buying process and allowing works to be accessible to all, Paper Cartel’s online-only system is a way of getting face time with some serious art (and without snooty assistants watching your every move -ed).

The attached painting is 2013 Pool Side by Melbourne contemporary artist Leah Mariani.


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