Nic & Keith dragged into holy smoke row


Residents of the exclusive high rise where Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are owners, have been dragged into a row over incense burning.
An incensed owner in the Latitude building in Lavender Bay has complained to its executive committee about perfumed smoke from joss sticks drifting heavenwards from the balcony of one apartment.
And now the committee has sent out a circular asking residents to be more considerate of their neighbours when they are burning incense. There’s no evidence that Nicole and Keith are even aware of the “holy smoke” scandal smouldering below – do music and movie stars even read notes from the executive committee – but the “smoke without fire” confrontation erupted when a complaint was made against a couple, one of whom is a devout Buddhist who prays on his balcony for a few minutes once a week in the late evening and whose, devotions involve the burning of incense.
Oddly, there have been no complaints form neighbours directly above or on either side, and residents are free to smoke cigarettes and burn beef on barbecues to their hearts’ content.
You can read the whole story here on Fairfax Online. But is incense smoke bad for you? You’ll find the surprising answer here on Flat Chat.

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