When you settle in for an evening on the sofa, it’s bliss … until you have to find a place for all your stuff, writes Jamie Thomson.

It’s a particularly modern frustration. You’re all set for a box-set binge or a Netflix marathon, but you need all your comforts – digital and ingestible – around you.

You’ve got your phone, your tablet, two or three different remotes, a drink, a bowl of healthy snacks (or unhealthy – we’re not judging), and a severe lack of space in which to place them all.

The coffee table is just out of arm’s reach, and might as well be on the balcony for all the good it’s doing, so you balance a few things precariously on the armrest, and the rest sit on the floor, easily reached by your supine form.

The problem is that getting up to go to the kitchen or bathroom requires rearrangements like a sliding-square puzzle, and – should you doze off – one flopping limb will send everything around you flying.

Enter the Jasper sofa, which features “an arrangement of platformsjasper-5 and shelves that can be reconfigured to suit a wide range of seating, lounging and sleeping preferences” – preferences that undoubtedly include “staring slack-jawed at your TV for hours while everything you’d ever need is within your grasp”.

The Jasper is, of course, much more than a couch potato’s dream home though. Its flexibility, much-trumpeted by manufacturers King Living, lets it be configured into a large sofa for lounging, smaller modules for “weekend entertaining”, and can be easily transformed into a twin bed, should the weekend entertaining rage out of control.

But it’s the shelves that Title loves – “beautiful timber shelves in single or double height … perfect as an integrated bookshelf, for displaying decorative items or resting smart devices, magazines or drinks, and are easily accessed from the side or back of the sofa.” Easy access? Let the nesting begin!

For a very cool video showing what your furniture gets up to when you’re not there, go HERE.


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