When we a right in the middle of a national panic attack over flammable cladding on high-rises, you’d be forgiven for thinking that timber apartment buildings were the last thing we needed.┬áSurely you need concrete and steel to build high rise buildings, you say.
Not so, Cross Laminated Timber (Crosslam) is as tough as teak, well tested over 20 years or more and perfect for building apartment blocks that are environmentally friendly, never get concrete cancer and, surprise-surprise, don’t burn down.
So here are five things you probably don’t know about timber apartments.
1. They are good to look at.

Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but take a look at the photo above of a gem in London.

 There is some decorative brick cladding but the superstructure and interior finishes are all timber.
The interiors are perfect for Ikea furniture and you can’t help but get a healthy Scandi-vibe from the pine boards that may make the owner pine for a sauna.
This extraordinary building also has wicker balconies to complete the alternative future feel.
They are built on a steel frame but get our vote for the coolest innovation in apartment dwelling in a while.
Dale Elliott at Amin Taha Architects says in Swedish Wood Magazine, “The balconies are reminiscent of hot air balloon baskets, and they are actually manufactured in a similar way. Long, brown willow canes are woven around a frame made from diagonal steel poles”…. Phileas Fogg would have loved them.
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