Jamie Thomson introduces the weird idea of the week, No 3  the Zinteh 3D Illusion Lamp 

Here at Title we like a trompe l’oeil ( or a ‘trick of the eye’, to you Francophobes) as much as the next man.

And these 2D etchings that turn into 3D sculptures with a flick of the light switch are more fun that a stack of fake online gambling banners on a football pitch.

In fact, we admit that these optical illusion lamps look pretty bloody cool – and we had to stop ourselves from immediately spending $200 on the one that looks like a lotus plant. But we’ve been here before.

Remember those Pin Art impression boards – the ones that went from hundreds of dollars’ worth of conceptual cool to “solely used as a physical repository of offensive hand gestures”? Yeah, in a cupboard somewhere.

Those fibre optic lamps that, at best, gave your apartment the ambience of a mid-level hotel lobby (and, at worst, a geeky teenager’s bedroom)? Breeding like anemones in op shops across the land.

But those were the olden days, where the gap between cutting-edge tech trinket and 99-cent-store naff used to be a matter of months, if not years. Now, in this dizzying blink-and-you’ll-miss-it modern age, we’re predicting that Zintehs will be the lava lamps of the new millennium by about next Friday.

So, unless you want the interior design cachet of a drunken night at Luna Park, you might want to save your money for a hologram TV or something.

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