Heavy petting: Cat cam catches sitter in the act

When the cat owner’s away … streaming images of illicit encounter beamed from New York to shocked apartment owner’s phone in Australia

By Jamie Thomson

Picture this, you’re on holiday and you decide to check in on your apartment via your newly-installed surveillance cameras. But then you’re confronted with images of the man you’ve paid to look after your pet in your absence follow his own animalistic instincts – all over your furniture.

That was the predicament facing New York resident Audrey Yang while on holiday here in Australia just over a month ago. She received an automatic message from her motion-sensor security system that someone was in her house at9pm at night, then looked on in horror as her phone relayed live footage of Ahmet Ozturk, the man she’d enlisted from pet-sitting service Puppy Parade, entering the house with a young woman.

Watch the video here

It was hours after his daily scheduled appointment to take care of Meow Meow, and – as the footage shows – it was clear Yang’s cat was not at the forefront of his thoughts. With her cat an unwitting third-wheel, Ozturk and his paramour proceeded to get hot and heavy all around her apartment, all the while being unwittingly captured on digital video for posterity.

Yang, after attempting to text Ozturk and berate him for this unforgivable breach of trust, eventually enlisted her friend back home in Queens to drive over and douse the couple’s ardour as only an irate New Yorker can.

A shame-faced Ozturk has subsequently agreed to pay for the apartment to be cleaned from top to bottom (don’t forget the sofa covers, guys), with Yang graciously dropping any threat of legal action in return. Meow Meow, the one party who seemed to be the least affected by the whole affair, was unavailable for comment.

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