Taking the plunge: Waterslide apartment back on market

Who will buy the world’s most expensive apartment … complete with its own waterslide, asks Jamie Thomson

It’s always little surprising to see what the ultra-rich are willing to spend their money on when the world’s most exclusive apartments come up for grabs. Knocking through the walls to make one mega-apartment lacks a little bit of imagination, and the urge to slather everything in gold paint brings to mind that old adage about class and its inability to be bought.

So it’s heartening, with the arrival of the newest “most expensive apartment in the world” on the market, that someone has had the nous to appeal to those of us who could only dream about owning such opulent surroundings; something, with our faces pressed up against the tastefully tinted glass, we’d look on enviously and say: “Yep, if I won the lottery, that’s what I’d be buying …”

For the $445 million, five-floor penthouse in Monaco’s Tour Odeon, constructed in 2014, has many, many things – a private chauffeur, in-house catering, marble floors – that the unbelievably wealthy couldn’t possibly live without … but it has something that we mere mortals can appreciate, too: a waterslide.

Yes, linking what we’d have to guess is the 47th and 48th floors of the most sought-after address in the French Riviera is a one-storey high slide that plunges into an infinity pool overlooking the Med. The private chauffeur can take as long a smoko as he wants; we’re not going anywhere for a while!

Now, you have to remember that this apartment is up for sale again just two years after it was first built. So that means its owner has only taken around 24 months to become bored with having their own waterslide. Imagine that – becoming so jaded that stepping out of their bedroom (because you’d have to set up your bedroom at the room at the top of the waterslide, right?

What a way to start the day!) and plummeting into the cool blue water of their infinity pool every morning is no longer a thrill for them. Whoever said that wealth was wasted on the wealthy wasn’t far wrong.

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