Framed: Create your own wall of fame

Have you ever visited a friend’s home and found yourself admiring their wall of artistically placed prints that look so casually put together in just the right order? Maybe you then had a vision of a similar feature on the large empty wall space in your own home and how superb it would look.

However, there is also then a high possibility that after this beautiful image came many others of having to juggle numerous different frames while trying to work out the perfect positions and combinations; mismatched or clashing frames and prints; and when you finally give up on the idea altogether, nothing but a wall of holes to show for your wasted weekend.

Well now there is a much easier way to make your dream come true thanks to the fabulous team at Hunting for George who have developed a simple six-step ‘how to’ video to help you to create your very own print wall which doesn’t require you to have more arms than an octopus, or leave you with a broken heart and hole-y wall.

Running through how to find the perfect arrangement, where to start hanging and how to get a  perfectly complimentary mix of frames, as well as helping you to work out major dilemmas such as how much space to leave between frames and ‘how many is too many’, there really is no excuse not to have your dream wall now.

Feeling inspired? Watch the video on YouTube to get started!

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