Here at Title Online magazine, we love apartment living and all it entails. We are not alone: plenty of people these days wouldn’t live in a house for quids.

Apartments are the first choice for most first-time buyers and an attractive option for empty-nesters keen to enjoy life with the financial shackles off and the kids gone.

A recent report showed that Generation X and Y singles and couples are buying apartments so they can be close to work, transport, facilities and entertainment, boosting the number of owner-occupiers by 5 percent in some areas.

Title is an online magazine that celebrates all the good things about apartment living.  Lots of lifestyle ideas including food, travel, celebrity features, fiction, reviews, interiors, style, gadgets – all the things that make apartment and townhouse living highly desirable.

The days when our dwelling desires were dominated by the quarter-acre block and McMansions in the suburbs are long gone. Today an apartment in or near the city is the first choice for so may people and Title Online celebrates that in all its smart, savvy and stylish glory.