All Hail Colour 2020!

Colour forecasts for 2020 are emerging and it seems everyone is keen to make a pronouncement about where the spectrum is heading. Paint companies, print companies, interior designers, furniture makers and carpet and flooring manufacturers – everyone has a slightly different forecast – yet as we enter the new decade it all seems to sit within the same zeitgeist.

Perhaps the most on-trend forecast that everyone agrees on is that colour is making a comeback – and it’s time to forego (at least in part) the refined anonymity of neutrals for something that says ‘Look at Me’.

Title went out to three iconic companies to ask them for their forecasts and returned with news of imaginative new colour collections that could be described, in their entirety as ‘rich and earthy’  ‘soft and muted’, ‘tactile and cocooning’.

Dulux – Gentle Neutrals + Muted Brights from the Natural World

The Dulux Colour Forecast for 2020 is expressed through four tonal palettes each grounded in values of nature, well being, authenticity, craftsmanship and personal expression.

The Comeback Palette equips individualists to create rooms featuring eclectic treasures from other eras. Thes colours complement a mix of antique, vintage and contemporary pieces. Colours include tonal blue shades highlighted with warm tones of burgundy, rust and mustard.

 The Cultivate Palette channels the growing awareness of the relationship between nature and our personal well being. It references elements of the natural world including indoor plants, botanical prints and furniture crafted from materials such as timber and stone. Colours are calm and feature a gentle layering of greens along with chalky blue, deep plum and soft yellow curd.

The Grounded Palette is a medley of soft liveable neutrals ranging from pale biscuit and caramel through to muddy lavender with hints of terracotta to add warmth. The palette complements natural timber and stone and lifts with highlights of gold and coral.

The Indulge Palette is lush and romantic and includes rich burgundy, eggplant, earth browns, faded terracotta and soft coral. It envisages sumptuous interiors with curvaceous furniture draped in velvet and chenille and nostalgic touches of art deco or perhaps 70s disco with a touch of bling.

Dulux has also created a clever ‘highlight’ collection featuring brights of fuchsia, primary blue, orange-red and acid yellow – all designed to add a touch of individuality and flair to the four core palettes.

Porters Paints – Smooth +Velvety + Opaque

With Porters is not just about colour – its about texture, depth of colour built up through successive layering of tints and ultra-matte finish. These are the properties of the Smooth Impasto paint that serves as fitting background for statement artwork, furniture or decorative accessories. 

Colour Collection 16 is Porters newest palette, and according to the company’s colour expert, Melanie Stevenson the range has been imaginatively developed to achieve mood, to shift in changing light and to complement materials such as wood, stone, rich tactile fabrics and different styles of furniture and accessories.

“Australians’ confidence with colour is growing, and with this the drive to create spaces that reflect our individuality and personal expression,” she says

As examples she described “terracotta and burnished reds” which hint at an Eastern influence and pair with natural materials such as warm timber stone and linens; complex deep greens, blue greens and vibrant olive greens that “create a sense of elegance, moodiness and theatre” in studies, dining spaces or master bedroom. Meanwhile smoky, cool and muted blue-greys add “laid back drama, sophistication and simplicity” to complement furniture and accessories with minimalist lines.

Carpet Court – Soft Pastels + Rich Outback Colours

Colour trends do not just apply to paint they extend to all elements of the designed room. Carpet Court has responded to current trends with its two key looks carried through into both carpet and flooring: The Pastel Look features soft gelato hues while the Outback Look is inspired by the rich colours of the Australian landscape.  Both looks key-off corals, and pinks, mauves, russets and greens although they differ in the depth of colour.

The advice from Carpet Court’s style ambassador, Heather Nette King is to apply the looks in different parts of the home:

 “The Pastel Look is serene and uplifting – ideal for a bedroom or living room – and really plays into the current wellness trend. The Outback Look is inspired by our magnificent landscape – it’s rugged and warm and translates beautifully to open-plan kitchen-living-dining spaces or family rooms. ”

Ms Nette King believes that while the muted apricots, mauves and dusty pinks that feature in the Pastel Look is ‘undeniably feminine’  – when combined with pared back,modern furniture and bolder accents of mint and pale grey the look will transition from‘cloying to contemporary’.

The Outback Look is a stronger interpretation of the core pastel palette with rusty terracotta and ochre instead of dusty pinks and apricots, greens that transition from mint to olive and highlights of wattle yellow and charred black.

“These muddy tones are paired with raw, grainy timbers, rustic furniture and tactile, woven elements to create a look that feels cocooning and authentic,” explains Ms Nette King.

Image Credits:

  • Dulux Colour Forecast 2020: Stylist Bree Leech, Photographer Lisa Cohen
  • Porter’s Paints Colour Collection 16: Stylist Heather Nette King, Photographer Mike Baker
  • Carpet Court Pastel and Outback Looks: Credit Carpet Court
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