On the spectrum

If you’ve never been happy with the colours of the rainbow and want to bring your lighting into the 21st Century, MicroNovelty has a new product on the horizon. Heelight is a breakthrough in the bulb industry. Heelight is the world’s most intelligent bulb that can hear the environment through a digital sound control. It disposes 30 different modes like Rhythm Mode and Candle Mode. It got 16 million RGB colors that can be used and adjusted according to your preferences. See it to believe it. It’s easy to use. Just by scanning the QR code you can operate on it remotely without Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Zigbee like traditional smarts bulbs.

MicroNovelty are going to launch a crowd-funding campaign for Heelight on KickStarter on 5th September. Join in and see the light.

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