Anyone for Venice?

Anyone for Venice?

Here at Title we like food and we like drink and we don’t mind a bit of style

Speaking of which, your humble correspondent ‘s mind goes back to Venice 17 years ago (my God, was it that long)

I know it was 1999 because they were premiering Eyes Wide Shut, starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, at the Film Festival, a movie that I think hastened the end of their relationship (based on no evidence whatsoever).

We were taking a break from harassing movie stars and sat sipping coffee in a little bar near a bridge over a canal (OK, everywhere in Venice is near a bridge over a canal).

In walked three guys clearly on their way home from work – just three young men who looked like the worked in an office.  They each had an espresso and a small glass of red wine.  They drank the coffee, then the wine and left – and I thought it might have been the coolest thing I’d ever seen.

Fast forward to right now and Vaporetto – also the name of the motor taxis in Venice – is one of three new diners and bars designed in Melbourne by Studio Y.

I plan to visit all of them soon and I will have an espresso and a small chianti in each of them if I can.

The following words were supplied so I take no credit or responsibility for any of them but the pictures look as cool as those three guys.


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