Studio Elwood’s 2019 Art Collection


Original artworks always add expressive context to a room. For apartments in particular it is a great way to differentiate – in buildings where apartments share the same layouts and similar fittings, art lifts the space by complementing the architecture; it can also add texture, be the central inspiration for décor, create mood and if you love it, bring joy and delight every day.

Many modern artists are incorporating trends in architecture and interior design into their works. It’s a clever way to find a market but it also recognises that homes make for intimate and unique exhibition spaces. Architects and artists share similar preoccupations in terms of use of light, colour, interest in abstracted forms and increasingly, technological innovation (as an example some artists are incorporating elements such as LEDs as a source of illumination within their artwork).

Rosea 2019 ‘Arch’ series
Sienna 2019 ‘Arch’ Series


Artist Tory Burke is often commissioned to create works in private homes and corporate offices. After studying Art and Design at Melbourne School of Art under Robert Gill, she developed her practice working in oils with figurative work inspired by flora and fauna. Her work features flowers, trees, landscapes and array of exotic birds.

More recently she has also adopted a sense of minimalism exploring a range of mediums on canvas and linen, scratching into the painted surface to create texture and using sparkling glazes to capture light.

Artist Tory Burke

In 2019 Tory, in conjunction with Studio Elwood in Melbourne created a series of affordable and original, limited edition Giclee art prints. The studio is a popular haunt for architects, interior designers and decorators and also offers an online shop where clients can choose artworks printed in a variety of sizes.

The works are curated into different series with the 2019 collections featuring the ‘Arch Series” inspired by historical Roman architectural and ceremonial arches. The second 2019 collection is the ‘Flow Series’, which is inspired by moving water, minerals and other natural elements that nourish Australian flora and fauna.

The prints are available in multiple sizes and prices range from RRP $300-$825 (print only, framing can be customised to individual client needs at additional cost). To check out the artworks or to make inquires go to 

Image Credits

Studio Elwood: Stylist Bree Leech, Photographer James Greer

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