Balcony faller friends with legendary crim’s son


A man who fell while trying to perform a handstand on a balcony rail in Sydney, is a friend of the son of one of the city’s most notorious criminals.

Carlo Davids was taken to the city’s St Vincent’s Hospital after he  fell about 10 metres from a balcony railing, cracking a vertebra and fracturing his eye socket.

“He was doing, like, a balancing act on the balcony,” Adam Freeman told Seven Network News. “Next minute he’s just fallen over.

“We’re best mates. We’ve know each other for 10 years, we were just having a laugh around,” said Freeman, son of notorious criminal identity, the late George Freeman (pictured). He added that he ran downstairs to try to help his mate, thinking he must have died after falling from the North Bondi balcony.

Freeman was questioned by police after the fall but no charges were laid.

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