Whiz-bang gadgets may come and go, but some things never go out of style. The crews at Brilliant Lighting, armed with 25 years of domestic lighting experience, have sniffed out what buyers want in their bulbs. The answer; a nod to the past.

Industrial interiors are making a comeback, featuring rusty toned pendants and vintage glass designs. Taking the advice of interiors expert and designer Bree Leech, Brilliant Lighting are capitalizing on these nostalgic needs. Leech believes consumers in the 21st Century “are craving simplicity, warmth and layers of interest in our sanctuary”, making these back-to-basics pieces the perfect solution.

Look out for brass-toned metals, eclectic shapes and natural woods, paired with exposed brick walls and lush indoor greenery. Take our tip, these guys are hot on the money with this bright idea – Lucinda Starr


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