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Urban, inner-city dwelling comes at a bit of a cost. Despite being a stone’s throw from all the amenities and convenience stores you’ll ever need, it can be a struggle to surround yourself with lush natural greenery. Never fear, we’ve got the cheat sheet you apartment livers have been waiting for. 

From teeny tiny balconies to barren communal rooftops, getting greenery into your building can be a serious challenge. Lacking the outdoor spaces synonymous with almost all suburban homes, high rises can seem like the most unlikely of places to begin fostering a flourishing garden.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Throw out all your conventional ideas of gardening, and give these plant-potting ideas a go instead. Just in time for spring, we’ve narrowed down five of the best plants to suit any apartment space.

1. Devil’s Ivy 

Best seen draping from hanging pots or nestled atop any shelf, these lush house plants are perfect for bright airy living rooms. Keep these guys happy by avoiding harsh direct sunlight and ensuring the top two inches of their soil remains dry.



2. Air Plants 

Possibly the easiest of all, these plants are ideal for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty. Literally. Thriving free from soil, give each plant a good watering before allowing them to dry completely and repeat. It’s that simple!



3. Spider Plant 

A true indoor dweller, this is one plant that won’t mind being left alone to its own devices. With their striking foliage, and low maintenance requirements they’ll be an easy addition to your high-rise.



4. Rubber Tree

Fancy something a little larger? We’ve got the answer. This plant can grow into an eight-foot-tall statement piece if allowed to run loose. Best for large living rooms or spacious balconies, their dark shiny leaves make them hard to miss.


5. Peace Lily

A subtle and stylish addition to any room, this delicate flowering plant would make the perfect addition to any urban space. Best of all, placing this guy in a dark spot will help to encourage its beautiful flowers to bloom. Genius.

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