How do dogs do that look? You know, when they know you’re going to leave them for the evening or that unexpected work meeting. They drop their heads and look at you with reproachful eyes that tug at your heartstrings and no amount of reassuring fusses can fix. And when you’re gone, you know they could be barking their heads off or shredding the replacement cushions on the sofa.

Cats generally care less about being left to their own devices but have been known to leave a message on the doona or in your favourite shoes.

Now there’s something you can buy that might not stop the martyr looks but will keep your pooch or puss occupied with the added bonus of feeding them too. It’s called CleverPet and it’s the first game console for dogs. And cats. And other pets too. Think Pet Playstation or Rexbox.

You can control the challenges in the Hub remotely on your smart phone app to raise the bar as your dog gets smarter.

He may never talk like Brian in Family Guy, but he could still surprise you.

We explain more on the next page.

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