OK, stand back, I’ve got this.

At first your dog or cat will get used to the Hub, then curious, then they start pawing the touch pads, and then they see the lights. Each challenge stretches the pet’s engagement with the Hub a little bit further.  It keeps their minds engaged and stops them getting bored.

This IS the droid you’re looking for.

The CleverPet Hub is constantly  being upgraded as the designers get feedback from owners but the sequence as stands is;

  1. Eating the food-It gives away kibble “for free” and then checks to see if your pup eats it.
  2. Exploring the touchpads- Your dog completes it when he or she has demonstrated the ability to touch the touchpads.
  3. Engaging consistently-Now, to get some kibble, your dog has to touch a touchpad.
  4. Avoiding unlit touchpads – They start off just touching the touchpads, but gradually they see that things go better when they touch touchpads that are lit up
  5. Learning the lights – they are only given one touchpad to touch at a time. They have to get it right before they can move on.
  6. Mastering the Lights – your dog needs to quite consistently recognize which touchpad he or she should make contact with.

Your dog will learn even more advanced light targeting skills with 7 Responding quickly and 8 Learning brightness. We can’t find a local stockist but get it online here.

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