Come fly with me on a six-star tour of Vietnam

We’ll fly by float plane from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay

Here’s one from the department of shameless self-promotion that has little or nothing to do with apartment living –  apart from being able to lock up and leave –  you can join me,  Jimmy Thomson, on a luxury 14-day trip to Vietnam next year.

And before we go any further, let me stress the word “luxury”. 

If you have just made a killing on the property market and have pulled your money out of apartments before the bubble bursts – this is the perfect break to allow you to consider your next move.

On the other hand, if you are one of those people intent on spending your ill-gotten Airbnb gains by pumping the money back into the “sharing economy” in another country, this is definitely not for you.

Similarly, if you scour Tripadvisor for the hotel with the highest rating but the lowest cost, then book into the next one down, you aren’t going to be looking at this trip.

Next February I will be hosting a highly exclusive tour that follows in the footsteps of the heroes of two great movies set in Vietnam – Indochine and The Quiet American.

We will be doing the Graham Greene thing, evoking the spirit of the author of The Quiet American, sipping cocktails in his favourite bars (while staying in much nicer hotels nearby).

We’ll be taking a float plane from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay, rather than endure the long road trip in both directions.  We’ll have a two-night cruise on a very top-of-the-line  boat.

We’ll have luxury digs in the Mekong Delta and we’ll stay in the fabulous Sofitel Metropole in Hanoi where Greene completed the novel.

And along the way, I will be talking about the book and the movies and what they tell us about modern Vietnam.  I will also be taking guests on a very special tour of the Cu Chi tunnels, talking about my book Tunnel Rats.

And I’ll be walking you through my second crime novel, due out next August and set in Saigon.

The Myst Hotel where we’ll stay in Saigon

And hey, if any Title readers sign up, I will give you an exclusive personal session on your hopes and fears for your apartment buildings.

But, as I say, this is not for everyone. There are only 8-10 places on the tour, but if you are interested, go to the tour company’s website

This is a tour for people who’ve always wanted to go to Vietnam but prefer to do things in style – or have been there before and are looking for an excuse to go back.

And it’s for people like me who love the romance and intrigue of this fascinating country and want to dig a little deeper than most of the mass market package tours allow.

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