Cooking up a storm


Putting together the perfect dish is a task of precision and patience, and the same goes for renovating your cooking space. We find out what gives a kitchen the ‘wow!’ factor, and how to keep it looking fresh for owners to come.

In terms of financial investment, the kitchen can be one of the costliest rooms in any apartment. Filling your benches with the latest appliances won’t come cheap, and switching out tiles and shelving will take some serious cash.

But this ability to rework your existing space is what can give your apartment the edge against the rest of your building. Nelson Alexander Real Estate agent Tom Roberts explains the potential for increasing your apartment’s resale value, stating ‘I think TV shows like Master Chef have reinvigorated people’s love affair with cooking, so they want to feel like they can get in the kitchen and actually use it.’

A few no-go’s include vivid colour palettes which ‘can turn buyers off’ as they’ll ‘look at a kitchen with bright colours an factor in the cost of a new one’. Roberts advises a neutral palette, paired with functional, quality fittings and fixtures.

So what will buyers be looking out for in your kitchen?

  1. Functional storage and workable space
  2. Good design and things in the right places
  3. Quality fixtures, fittings, appliances and materials
  4. A kitchen in keeping with the property size and value
  5. A neutral palette

Kitchen installation specialists Cantilever are just one of many companies that can hold your hand through the design and installation of your kitchen. Click through to their site here to see how they can help you get the most out of your space.


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