Darlo ruin fetches $2.25m


A ramshackle old house with crumbling walls, holes in the ceiling and broken floorboards that’s been empty for 30 years has sold for $2.25 million writes Sue Williams.

Formerly home to a bohemian artists’ colony, the block on Surrey Street, Darlinghurst, is now occupied by two dilapidated buildings on their last legs, which are pretty much uninhabitable – but for a pretty price.

“It does offer quite a challenge to a buyer, but one with a definite reward at the end, though,” says Dominic D’Ettorre, principal of agents D’Ettorre Real Estate in Woollahra, who auctioned the pair in October.

“Although it’s very dilapidated, it has a lot of potential. They could be renovated into two terraces, or turned into a small block of units. The possibilities are enormous.”  Read the whole story HERE

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