As a nation we are overweight.  Earlier this year, the Heart Foundation collated statistics to reveal the healthiest – and heaviest – areas in the country.

It found about a third of Australian adults are classed as obese while half of us don’t move around as much as we should – either at work or in the gym.

But some places are worse than others. In some half the population is technically obese while three-quarters don’t take enough exercise.

So we now know the places to avoid if we don’t want to stand out from the crowd as being too fat or too fit. But what about the kind of homes we live in?

We get advice from so many specialist areas about how to combat that – from the right food to eat, to the best exercise to lose weight and keep it under control – and yet nobody has really tackled the most fundamental aspect of our lives that could affect our health and weight … the kind of place we choose to live in.

So here is the Title guide to a healthy home, whether you are renting or buying – and click through to find our fattest and fittest suburbs.

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