Everybody would like to be a bit fitter, with less fat and more fun. ISOBEL WILLIAMS suggests how you can achieve all three at the same time.

So we all want to get that bit fitter, lose some weight and just become that bit healthier in general. But who has time? Or if you’re like me you might be seriously lacking the motivation and so blame it on a lack of time.

But there is a way to disguise exercise amid fun and social activities so you won’t even notice that you’re doing it. Even better, you get to socialise at the same time!

Making small changes to your daily or weekly routines can have a large impact on your fitness. For instance, when you are standing in the kitchen cooking dinner, turn on the tunes and do a little jig.

You may even find yourself making up a little playlist of your favourite feel good songs to really get into the kitchen vibe. Jump around the kitchen singing into your wooden spoon and burn the calories without even noticing (but be careful not to burn your dinner).

Another great way to get fit, although maybe less fun than serenading your spaghetti, is to take the stairs to and from your apartment every day rather than the lift. You may not enjoy it to begin with, but set yourself challenges. Maybe for the first week walk one flight of stairs before taking the elevator the rest of the way. For the second week, try walking two flights.

By setting challenges you will feel even better about it as you feel like you have really accomplished something. If you know a neighbour who arrives or leaves at a similar time to you, ask them to join. Use your stair time as a social outlet and a chance to catch up with or get to know your neighbours.

Another walking trick is to take your dog for regular walks. If you don’t own a dog, follow the sounds of barking to your neighbours and see if they would like some company while they walk their dog.

Alternatively you could offer to walk their dog for them – potentially solving a barking dog problem. Or just get a dog yourself – we could all benefit from a little puppy love in our lives!

Now this one is my personal favourite. This is something that combines multiple workouts in one activity, but it is also by far the most fun. You know how that pub crawl always sounds like such a good idea? Well it really is. To get fit and healthy, all you need to do is organise your own pub crawl, but with a twist. Get your friends and neighbours involved and set up a monthly ‘Pub Jog’.

A Pub Jog the exact same as the traditional pub crawl, except you actually jog, as a group, from one pub to the next. Have fun and socialise and get a workout with each jog. This one is particularly good for toning your tummy muscles too thanks to all the laughter at the end of the evening, watching your intoxicated friends trying to jog. What better way is there to spend your Friday nights?

In short, getting fit does not have to be a hassle. It doesn’t have to include a costly gym membership or a strict daily workout routine. It can be fun and laid back, all you have to do is find a fun way to incorporate a little more movement into your life.

It is also really good to try and turn things into group activities, that way the group will support and encourage each other making you all more likely to stick with it. So put a note up on your apartment building’s News Board and see who else is up for a little more movement in their lives.

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