Monopoly builds fun into the high-rise game

Monopoly builds fun into the high-rise game

Ever fancied yourself as a multi-storey apartment block developer? Monopoly, the oldest property board game in the world, has moved into high-rises (they call them skyscrapers but we know what they mean). Now you know what to get Meriton boss Harry Triguboff for Christmas.

Winning Moves Australia is stocking up with games that will keep the family amused on those dog days when the comfort of the air conditioner is the only option.

We may be naïve, but had no idea there were so many variants of that old favourite, Monopoly. One in particular, the Mega edition will have apartment dwellers rolling the dice as fast as you can say “Interest Only Loan”. Monopoly is by no means the only game in town either.

1.Mega Monopoly.

It’s Monopoly, but it’s Mega, which as we all know means bigger or to be precise, one million. In this case, as you move around the board, you can acquire and own more property, and build more buildings, as there are 12 additional spaces.

Once you own all properties but one in a colour group, you can build houses and hotels. Call them apartment blocks which you can then develop into Skyscraper towers.

Once you own all the properties in a group you can charge triple rent on any unimproved property.

The bank sells buildings and loans cash for mortgages and never goes broke… no surprises there. This may reveal who in your family should  handle all your property investments!

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