By Jimmy Thomson
It won’t tell you who ate your last yoghurt in the fridge but new software for housemates will sort out who owes what on rent and groceries, what the wi-fi login for the shared intent service is and help you keep tabs on your social life, claim its creators.
Easyshare is a new web-based app created by former Ferrier Hodgson accountant John Bush, based on his own struggles in collecting his former flatmates’ share of rent and bills.
A hi-tech lovechild of fridge magnets and Facebook-like social media apps, the new digital platform at hopes to attract some of Australia’s more than 4 million renters by reducing, if not completely eliminating, arguments over rents and groceries.
“It would be very rare that there is no friction between flatmates over unpaid or late rental payments and the sharing of bills when they co-habit,” says John Bush. “I have developed an effective solution to this problem – making everyone’s lives a lot easier”.
“The platform is also a godsend for agents, landlords and suppliers, as they gain certainty over payments and a simple method of collecting money from share houses or apartments.”
The website has a very simple interface that allows users to note when the rent is due and who owes what. But more than that, it also provides an interface to an NAB account where tenants’ shares are deducted from their accounts by direct debit or credit card, according to a pre-agreed split, then paid directly to rental agents, eliminating one of the most common causes of share house angst.
Household bills (with smartphone pictures as “evidence”) and the names and phone numbers of preferred tradespeople (like locksmiths and electricians) can also be posted, and roomies can even have virtual ‘house meetings’ if their lives are never in sync often enough for a proper sit-down.
As well as providing a safety net for forgetful flatmates the company has created two additional platforms for sole residents and commercial entities.
Easyshare Residential, say its creators, is more suited to families or single occupant households where the full rental payment is paid by one person via credit card, with the potential to earn reward points.
Easyshare Commercial is a payment platform for small business owners like retail shops, offices and industrial units which tits designers say will help stabilise cash flow as well as earn frequent flyer points.
You’ll find access to versions of all three forms of the platform online at

First published in Domain in the Sun-Herald, 9/8/15.

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