They say travelling hopefully is often better than arriving – well, travelling luxuriously  makes getting from A to B a lot more than a simple change of location.

Top airline Etihad, based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, has taken luxury travel to extraordinary heights with their latest First Class flight of fancy.

‘The Residence’ feels more like prestige room a shiny new hotel than merely an upper-deck cabin. At 11.6 square-metres, these spaces pack a lot of luxury into a small space. Complete with double beds, ensuite showers and the added bonus of a personal butler to attend to your every need, it’s no wonder these spots don’t feature on the bargain bucket lists.

Jetting from London to Abu Dhabi aboard this lavish A380 will set you back around AU$24,000. For less than eight hours in the air, the breath-taking fare will have you reaching for the oxygen masks.

But if your fantasies run to Arabian Nights, this is one magic carpet ride that might just be worth saving up for.

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