In the thick of a torrential downpour, it’s next to impossible to stay dry. Winds thrashing from all sides, clinging to a flimsy fold-up can seem pointless. But rather than opt for an impractical poncho, a few Japanese designers found a solution. Meet the full-body umbrella.

Images have been circulating around the internet of a number of all-encompassing options. There’s the standard brollie design, complete with an additional floor length plastic screen to keep the rain away. Other designs include space-age inspired circular webbing that extends the usual umbrella’s protective shield to user’s knees.

Now before you reach blindly for your wallet, we’d better fess up; these designs aren’t yet available for purchase in Oz. In time, no doubt, these contraptions could well make their way onto the shelves of convenience stores and street-side vendors. But until then, we’ll have to battle the elements with through more traditional means.

Source: Concrete Playground.


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  1. Send me brochures on the full body umbrella.

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