By Isobel Williams

While living in an apartment can offer a wide range of benefits over living in a house, there is one main draw back – no back yard. To some this may be a bonus as keeping a garden looking nice and presentable does take time, energy and money any one of which may be in short supply in your life.
However, nature can have a hugely positive impact on your emotional and physical well-being with many believe that the presence of potted plants within your day to day life can reduce stress and raise your concentration, not to mention look pretty.
So it would seem you have a choice. You can either have the apartment or the garden. Wrong!
Bringing plants into your apartment life could not be easier. A simple plant placed in a dull corner can really liven up the whole room.
Why not plant a few herbs in small pots around your apartment?  Raid the op shops and find yourself a funky collection of pots in a variety of colours and patterns to give a vintage garden design to your plants. Alternatively, you could go for a more rustic look and use old coffee cans with a small hole drilled into the bottom of them. Either way you can turn your little herbs into an interesting and eye-catching feature within your apartment.
So now that you have your herb collection, not only will it bring the green into your apartment giving you the feel of a true gardener and – if the studies are to be believed – make you feel much more relaxed and focused, but you can also put them to use within your culinary adventures.
Food will have extra taste and you will have even more pride in your creations, knowing you grew that taste yourself. However, if you aren’t too big on cooking, don’t let that put you off growing herbs. Those mint sprigs will still come in very handy for those spring mojitos!
But why stop with herbs? Adding other pot plants around your apartment can make the space seem larger and add bright bursts of colour and even fragrance depending on the plants you choose.
A balcony is also a perfect space for plants as well, and can help provide an extra level of privacy. From nosey pedestrians below to neighbours with an adjoining balcony, you can now create a ‘green screen’ between you and them allowing you to sit back and enjoy the extra seclusion offered by your gorgeous greenery.
By trying these simple ideas, you can improve your mental wellbeing, add colour and interest to your apartment and create your own little rural get-away in the centre of your busy city life. A small difference such as this can have a huge impact, allowing you to have everything you love about your apartment, with certain perks you thought only possible for a house.

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