Happiness in store with new bed’s lift-off

There are many ups and downs in apartment living but, as Isobel Williams discovers, one perennial problem is simply where to store your stuff. 

It’s Sunday morning, you’re lying in your bed and just enjoying the the peace and quiet of the day. You look around at the piles of clothing and shoes, half unpacked gym bag and half read books scattered around the room, all the signs of a busy week gone by. And you don’t care, because it’s Sunday, the day designed for you to not care. That is when you hear the knock at the door.

After a few confused moments wondering who would dare to disturb your weekend wind-down, the light bulb appears. It is not just ‘A Sunday’, this is ‘The Sunday’, the day you are meeting your future in-laws for the first time.


This is the problem with owning an apartment in the modern world. The modern world is very much a material world, yet apartments are notoriously short on space. So where are you meant to put everything except for in neat piles, in the corners of  rooms, that we all know will end up in messy piles come the end of the week?

What you really need is somewhere to tuck it all away, out of sight and out of the way. You need Storage. Not just any storage, like cupboards and closets, because they take up room and can cause your already short-on-space-apartment to appear closed in and cluttered. You need storage with a capital ‘S’ – clever Storage.

Now, new and exciting ways to gain extra Storage space in small apartments, such as the use of ‘pull-out rooms’, which make the most of the space you have available, are emerging all the time. These solutions can be great but they can also be costly, making them less ideal for a solution to an ‘I have too many pairs of shoes’ problem. Although, let’s face it, you can NEVER have too many shoes!

A great way of getting around this is to make the most of wasted space instead of trying to create extra space. Under a bed is one of the largest and most common examples of wasted space within your apartment, and one of the best ways of overcoming this is to turn it into Storage.

Historically there were two types of beds that have tried to turn this wasted space into storage, beds with drawers built into the base and beds where the entire mattress lifts to provide one large Storage area underneath.

These beds with built in drawers can give more storage its true, but they can also be limiting to the size and shape of the object which you can then store within them. This in turn can make them impractical for particularly large or bulky items. I mean, you’d never be able to squeeze your partner’s fishing rod or golf clubs into one of them in one piece.

Then there were beds where the entire mattress lifts to reveal a hollow base. These are a lot less limiting to the size and shape of the objects you can store – hello fishing rod – however, due to the necessity to tilt the mattress, accessing this storage area can result in a frustrating tangle of sheets and pillows, pyjamas and cat at the head of your bed. This makes it very impractical for frequently used objects – good-bye Jimmy Choos.

Neither style of bed offers an all-round solution, resulting in the necessity to choose between size and shape or accessibility. If only someone had the bright idea to invent a bed that lifts, instead of tilting, allowing you to use the entire storage space within your bed base without the hassle of tangled sheets. Now wouldn’t that be perfect?

If you, like me, are nodding right now then you are in luck. It just so happens that King Living have just launched their new style of bed, the Promenade Storage Bed.  With the help of a cleverly engineered steel frame, it is now possible to lift the mattress off the base on supporting arms attached to the frame, keeping it parallel to the floor the entire time!

Suddenly you are free to store whatever you want in your bed because not only can you store, large bulky items, but you can access them quickly and easily, however frequently you need. Now there is a wonderful example of clever Storage. Moreover, it just so happens to be perfect for lifting quickly to hide any clutter from your floor before you answer you door to those much feared In-laws.

Bed by King Living – www.kingliving.com

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