Hidden gem where money men favour curry

Hidden gem where money men favour curry

I had dinner with former Treasurer Peter Costello and current Treasurer Scott Morrison the other night.

OK, when I said I had dinner, I was in the same restaurant – not actually at the same table. In fact, they weren’t sitting together either  – just a couple of tables from each other.

None of which is the point of this review:  the amazing food at Indu restaurant in Angel Place, Sydney.

Hidden away via an unprepossessing entrance just past the corner of George St, this is a truly hidden gem.

It’s Indian/Sri Lankan, as the name suggests, but is as far as you can imagine from the regular usual butter chicken and lamb rogan josh scene.

The menu is brief with lots of starters for sharing and surprisingly short list of mains.  The food is highly spiced (rather than hot) and their specialties seem to be dosai, vegetables and seafood (with a bit of lamb and pork – but no chicken – thrown in).

In rooms with vaulted ceilings and nooks and crannies as well as booths and tables, it’s a large place that maintains an intimate atmosphere.

It’s not cheap – $140 for two dosai, two mains and two drinks – but it’s well worth it.  The background music of 60s pop makes a pleasant change from wall to wall sitars.

“Indu is a celebration of village culture, flavours and local hospitality. A place where eastern mysticism meets western curiosity,” says their website.

“We believe that the best form of hospitality is that found in the home, and it’s our aim to bring village Indian culture to our guests at Indu. Our food is coastal and village inspired, and we pride ourselves on using the freshest and most seasonal produce.”

The website also explains the link with a small business program for villages in Sri Lanka so you can feel you are making a contribution.

Or you can just go and enjoy their superb food – and keep an eye open for passing pollies.

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