New South Wales buyers prefer balconies like this at Ovation Quarter, Sydney Olympic Park

Let’s be honest, we apartment dwellers like to think we’re individuals. Sure, we live in a vertical village, but we’re different to the people next door, two floors below, one floor above, those people across the park who are always sending smoke signals from their hibachi grill.

But just how different?

New research reveals that 83 percent of us put location on our list of reasons why we chose apartments, followed closely by spacious rooms at 66 percent.

Thinking that’s not me? Well, the younger you are the less likely location is to be uppermost in your thinking, with lowest priority given by those under 24. Let’s face it, if you’re under 24 and buying an apartment, you must have the money to not care much about a lot of things!

You might have some things in common with your neighbour, but less with your interstate mates. People in New South Wales care more about having large balcony entertainment areas and premium kitchens than other states and South Australians hardly give it a thought. Almost half the people surveyed did say a spacious balcony was a plus factor.

Plenty of room for a magazine rack!

Do you care about having a big bathroom or bathrooms?  Well, the chances are you’re married or/and have school age children because it’s nowhere near such a priority with singles or couples.

Here’s where there’s another surprise. More men think a large bathroom with bath is important (35%) compared to 29% of women. Really? Maybe it’s because apartment dwelling men regard the bathroom as our reading room and want space to look up, stare into the middle distance and ponder life’s big questions.

The other gender anomaly is more Aussie blokes  (14%) regard a communal space to meet the neighbours as essential compared to a mere 9% of women. Either that means men are more sociable or don’t want the neighbours in their apartment!

The online research was conducted by apartment developer AYMCI,  the Australian subsidiary of Chinese developer YMCI. It will be interesting to see if it changes the way they design and market their apartment blocks.

Final stat… eight out of ten cats prefer Whiskas.





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