Forget the Australian Dream, the Scottish Wish of a retirement home in the Highlands seems like so much … well, Scotch mist, writes Lucinda Starr.

Spending your retirement in a cozy, quaint country home are becoming a thing of the past. For Scottish couples, the traditional option of ‘but and ben’ living has become an expensive and rare commodity that has resulted in retirees looking for more accessible alternatives.

According to this article in the Scottish Daily Record, pop-up village developments – with a uniquely Scottish architectural flavour and some seriously stylish apartment homes are filling this gap. Setting buyers back around AU$261 000 for a two-bedroom pad, these apartments provide everything from open-plan living to a sparkling new array of white goods.

Located a stones-throw from all the necessary amenities, these Scottish retirees are expanding their living options to ensure the highest level of comfort and livability.  Setting yourself up in a swish new apartment after sixty, doesn’t sound too bad right?


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