In the world of interior design the horrors of assembling flatpack furniture rate right up there as a significant nationwide issue – with new research findings revealing that six out of 10 Australians have experienced a flatpack furniture disaster

Furthermore more than half of those surveyed admitted that the intricacies of following instructions, finding the right screw and connecting Part A with Part B can be a cause of marital discord.  The situation is not helped when parts are misplaced (which they frequently are) or finding that the finished item has been assembled incorrectly.

The research was undertaken by Flatpack Assembly Services which is part of a global franchise that has built a good business on the back of a simple concept: assembling flatpack furniture in the home or workplace – flatpack for a flat fee.

Those Who Say they Can, Those Who Know they Can’t

Interestingly, despite the statistical evidence of disasters it seems Aussies (initially at least) overestimate their abilities when it comes to assembling flatpack furniture, with eight out of 10 describing themselves as ‘capable at the job’.

However the research also shows that there are differences depending on your age and the region that you live in.

In terms of generations, people aged over 51 are the most realistic about their ability (or rather lack of ability) to put together a flatpack without disaster, while Millennials are the most confident with nine out of 10 describing themselves as ‘capable’.

But it seems that flatpack is a great leveller and confidence isn’t always enough. Millennials are just as likely as everyone else to have fought with their spouse or partner over the process or experienced things going awry. 

Many believe they can rise to the challenge

In terms of region those in the Northern Territory are the most confident in their assembly skills, while Victorians are the least confident with less than eight out of 10 describing themselves as ‘capable’. 

All of this angst and rueful experience adds up to a growing willingness by Australians(four of every 10 people surveyed) to pay someone to do the job for them.

When it’s Time to Get Someone In

Many nevertheless assemble the item incorrectly

According to Flatpack Assembly Services franchise owner, Ray Liceralde, a lot people first contact them at the point where they have attempted to assemble the item of furniture themselves and either done it incorrectly or given up.

“We see the aftermath of a lot of fights! But once people work with us, they tend to return to us again and again. The relief of knowing that their furniture will be assembled quickly, correctly and without stress is hard to pass up.”

Jamie Redman, Franchise owner at Flatpack Assembly Services Baulkham Hills believes that people are becoming much more open to outsourcing assembling flatpack furniture just as they are to cleaning or handyman work. 

“Flatpack furniture assembly can seem deceptively simple, but in fact it’s quite complex and time consuming. The instructions aren’t always clear and there are often a lot of parts. When people are honest with themselves they will usually realise they either don’t have the skill, time or patience to do it themselves.”

“In this day and age people are much more aware of the value of their time. They would rather keep their Saturday afternoon free for family time rather than assembling furniture, especially if they know it will involve fighting and stress!”  

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