A 30 sqm Parisian apartment. C’est bien, don’t you reckon?

We’re on a bit of theme this week, it’s all about living small. Whether it’s to afford to live where we want in our city of choice and still have money for teabags, or to be more social and share the work and play part of our lives with others.

Well, in the urban jungle of Sao Paulo Brazil, they are selling ten square metre apartments. When I tell you that theĀ Building Code of Australia requires a minimum of ten sqm per person for their office space, I think you can get an idea of how little space that is. Look around at your desk, chair and partition – big enough to live in 24 hours a day?








Just so you can get an idea of what an apartment of that size looks like, check out the two angles of one groovy 10 sqm apartment above. Cozy huh? Oh, there’s no toilet or bathroom so that’s an issue if you like your privacy.

Really, the smallest space you can live with a minimal degree of comfort without going cabin crazy is at least 20sqm. Even that will take some design smarts when you think your bed takes up four sqm and you need somewhere to sit, room to cook and at minimum a shower, toilet and washbasin. A floor space of 45sqm is more realistic unless you want to find yourself literally climbing the walls.

There are plenty of examples and idea on how to furnish your tiny apartment on the next pages.

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