Instant food shopping without tears


Shopping till you drop is all very well, but that’s just for essentials like shoes, clothes and computer gadgets.  When it comes to luxuries like food, who wants to spend their time  jostling with crowds of screaming children and shopping trolleys driven badly by grumpy mums and brain-dead blokes through crowded aisles?

Online supermarket shopping  is hardly a new enterprise, with big guns Coles and Woolworths having digital delivery services for the past few years, with next day delivery in some areas.  But what if you need some fresh  veggies RIGHT NOW?, guarantees  two-hour delivery to Sydney CBD residents and they are planning to expand to Melbourne soon. Pooling the resources of Coles, ALDI and Harris Farm, the site allows you to order fruits and vegetables, meats and all your grocery needs to your door. Fast. And, if an item you’ve ordered is out of stock, they’ll personally ring up the store to find a suitable alternative.

Sit back, order the shopping and save your energy for serious shopping.

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