2. Jump before you are pushed

Incoming NSW strata legislation includes smoke drift as a nuisance and hazard and, while the law specifies “smoke from smoking”, government policy wonks insist that includes smoke from barbecues.

Causing a nuisance or hazard to neighbours is against strata law, regardless of what your by-laws may say about barbecues.

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  1. More of the nanny state. Windows can’t be fully opened in case children fall out by parents who don’t watch them. Now maybe no bbq’s on balcony. It was an internal refrigerator that caused the Grenfell fire – so what now – no electrical appliance in units. We have tenants who cook Indian food and I’m so hungry when I arrive home I would like to take my begging bowl and knock on their door. So are we to ban anyone to cooks smelly food. I don’t think so.

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