3. Your health (1)

Burning meat, whether it’s on a balcony, a backyard or in your kitchen, is bad for you.
“With heat, amino acids, the building blocks of protein, react with creatine, a compound found in muscle tissue, to form what are called heterocyclic amines,” a Harvard Medical School article entitled Meat in the Hot Seat warned in 2007.
“Lab and animal experiments show that heterocyclic amines have potent cancer-causing properties. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified several of them as possible carcinogens and one as a probable cancer-causing agent.”
In layman’s terms, burnt beef contains compounds that cause cancer.  Men, especially, are in danger as that crap goes straight to your prostate, conveniently carried by the cholesterol provided by the fat that ‘real men’ refuse to trim.

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  1. More of the nanny state. Windows can’t be fully opened in case children fall out by parents who don’t watch them. Now maybe no bbq’s on balcony. It was an internal refrigerator that caused the Grenfell fire – so what now – no electrical appliance in units. We have tenants who cook Indian food and I’m so hungry when I arrive home I would like to take my begging bowl and knock on their door. So are we to ban anyone to cooks smelly food. I don’t think so.

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