4. Your health (2)

The stink of cheap cuts of meat, burgers, sausages, prawns and fish – yes, people grill seafood on their balconies – is just part of it. The smoky flavour imparted by fat hitting a hot plate, the very reason we love barbecues, could also be killing us.
Smoke from barbecues carries cancer-creating compounds in far greater quantities than the drift from a single cigarette (which has also been singled out in strata laws).

“Grilling is double trouble because it also exposes meat to the cancer-causing chemicals (called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) contained in the smoke wafting from burning coals and any drips of fat that cause flare-ups,” says the Harvard report.
The problem with balcony barbecues is that you are in a semi-confined space and you can’t avoid breathing it in – and neither can your neighbours on their balconies or if their windows are open.

If smell and smoke aren’t a problem, why don’t you barbecue with your balcony doors open? And are you really using solid fuel and wood chips?  Seriously???

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  1. More of the nanny state. Windows can’t be fully opened in case children fall out by parents who don’t watch them. Now maybe no bbq’s on balcony. It was an internal refrigerator that caused the Grenfell fire – so what now – no electrical appliance in units. We have tenants who cook Indian food and I’m so hungry when I arrive home I would like to take my begging bowl and knock on their door. So are we to ban anyone to cooks smelly food. I don’t think so.

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