5. Your health (3)

Let’s face it, you are not sacrificing the finest cuts of grain-fed beef and free-range chicken on your ritual pyre. Fatty cheap cuts that you can happily burn to a carcinogenic crisp are more likely to be the order of the day.  Add in the processed meats like sausages and bacon that we are constantly warned are full of killer compounds, and you have a cancer cocktail sizzling away on your grill.

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  1. More of the nanny state. Windows can’t be fully opened in case children fall out by parents who don’t watch them. Now maybe no bbq’s on balcony. It was an internal refrigerator that caused the Grenfell fire – so what now – no electrical appliance in units. We have tenants who cook Indian food and I’m so hungry when I arrive home I would like to take my begging bowl and knock on their door. So are we to ban anyone to cooks smelly food. I don’t think so.

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