7. You live in an apartment

If you are one of those flat-dwellers who thinks your neighbours’ choice to live in a high-rise means they have waived all claims on peace quiet and a healthy life, and have instead signed up to accept house rules more akin to a frat house or backpacker hostel, you probably won’t get this.

However, the fact remains that you have responsibilities to your neighbours that outweigh your “rights” to behave as you please. If you don’t like having responsibilities, go and live in a house.

So enjoy your last unfettered summer of balcony barbies.  By this time next year they may well have gone the way of those other great fun traditions like smoking outside cafes, driving with your kids standing on your lap and dwarf throwing.

Just to focus your thoughts, here’s another set of barbecue “fails”:

Jimmy Thomson writes the Flat Chat column for the Australian Financial Review and runs the related advice website at flat-chat.com.au. He is not a vegetarian and likes barbecues … outside, where they belong.

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  1. More of the nanny state. Windows can’t be fully opened in case children fall out by parents who don’t watch them. Now maybe no bbq’s on balcony. It was an internal refrigerator that caused the Grenfell fire – so what now – no electrical appliance in units. We have tenants who cook Indian food and I’m so hungry when I arrive home I would like to take my begging bowl and knock on their door. So are we to ban anyone to cooks smelly food. I don’t think so.

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