Less is more say ‘Twodio’ flat creators

Don't be confused by the mirror - the room is smaller than it looks

The Collective’s “co-living” project offsets limited living space with promises of a ready-made community

By Jamie Thomson

Creative marketing of cramped living space has reached a new level in London, UK – a city that is no stranger to ever-increasing prices for ever-decreasing floorspace. With the “Twodio”, property firm The Collective has combined the half-bedroom with the dual-key apartment, and is banking on the notion that two people won’t mind sharing 16 square metres of total living space so long as they have a bathroom and a bedroom to call their own. Oh yeah, and it costs $480 a week … per person.

The Collective’s carrot on the stick, however, is their “co-living” concept – “a new way for young people to live in cities, designed to provide convenience, quality and a genuine sense of community.” This means that whatever your immediate living space lacks in, well, space, it’s more than made up for by the amenities on offer: high-speed internet, a flat-screen TV, a room cleaning and linen service, a gym, bar, cinema, spa, restaurant, library, two roof gardens, and – should you make friends outside of the 500-strong “co-living community” – there are dining rooms available for private events.

If it all seems a little bit close to a high-class student halls of residence, then you’ve probably uncovered The Collective’s USP – young professionals straight out of university and alone in the big, lonely city will undoubtedly be more than happy to sacrifice personal space for a ready-made group of friends on their doorstep, as well as being relieved of the grown-up stresses of having to keep up with bills, taxes etc (the rooms are all inclusive).

Four hundred and eighty bucks might seem a lot to pay for a 3m-by-4m room, but when you take loneliness and final disconnection notices off the table, you can see why we might see a lot more of these “co-living” projects springing up, even in Australia. Watch this (ever-decreasing) space.

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