Something too many landlords, rental agents, strata managers and strata committees don’t get is that something that seems too minor for them to bother with can be a huge deal to residents.

Right now on  our sister website Flat Chat there’s a very good example with readers offering advice to a tenant who just wants her mailbox fixed.  Is it such a big deal?

Well, her debit card was stolen and a lot of money was illegally taken from it. And even though she’ll probably get the money back, her sense of security in her own home has been shot to Hell.

Who knows what else was taken?  We do know that there are organised gangs raiding external letterboxes in strata schemes looking for anything that they can find that might prove useful.

But back to our Flatchatter.  She asked the agent to ask the strata manager to fix the letterbox.  No response.  She told the agent about the stolen card.  The agent called the strata manager.  No response.

Our correspondent went back to the rental agent and asked again.  “I can’t keep hassling the strata manager,” was the rental agent’s response.

OK, it’s at this point that I want to put on my StrataKop uniform, jump in the Stratmobile, go round there and start kicking ass and taking names.

How hard would it be for the rental agent to pick up the phone and tell strata manager the facts of life?

How hard would it be for the strata manager to pick up the phone and arrange for a locksmith? Dammit, it would take a reasonable competent handyperson five minutes to change the lock at a cost of ‘don’t bother’ dollars and keep the change.

But no, the strata manager is too busy, the rental agent is too lazy and our reader (who is not a handyperson and is probably too nervous to even touch common property) wonders every day what mail she isn’t getting.

You can follow the whole sorry saga HERE.

And while we are on the subject of sorry sagas, here’s another roundup of the best of the worst from the past week:

  • Our upstairs neighbours lifted the carpet and laid timber floors without notice or permission and now we hear so much noise. What can we do? That’s HERE.
  • We are having our windows repainted but the strata manager ordered the wrong colour. Who pays if we insist on the original choice? That’s HERE.
  • How do we get rid of our do-nothing, secretive committee? That’s HERE.
  • A win at NCAT that cost $120,000 in legal fees – that’s HERE.
  • Former strata manager won’t hand over our funds – that’s HERE.

And, of course. By the time you read this there will be even more issues on the Forum.

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